5th Street Ridge McIntire Plan | Multimodal Corridor Study
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Second Community Meeting
July 12, 2018

The 5th Street Second Meeting Summary is now available here.

A public information workshop for the 5th / Ridge / McIntire Corridor Study was held on July 12th at City Space in Charlottesville, Virginia. The meeting was conducted in an open house format between the hours of 5 PM and 7 PM. The purpose of the meeting was to present draft recommendations that address the issues and opportunities within the study area identified by the public during the first community meeting in January. The recommendations addressed safety, corridor congestion, and bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

If you would like more information about this meeting or the project please contact Tony Edwards (Development Services Manager) at 434-970-3182 or by email at edwardst@charlottesville.org.

A summary of the informational boards presented at the meeting can be found at the link shown below.  A meeting summary link is also available below.

July Meeting Resources

First Community Meeting
January, 2018

A public information workshop for the 5th / Ridge / McIntire Corridor Study was held on January 17th at City Space in Charlottesville, Virginia. The meeting was an open house format and its purpose was to present the information collected thus far and to receive input regarding issues and opportunities within the study area. The study will address topics such as safety, corridor congestion, and multimodal accommodations. The boards presented are posted as PDFs in the list to the right.

Public input received at the meeting is summarized here: Public Information Workshop Summary

If you would like more information about this meeting or the project, or if you need special accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, please contact Tony Edwards (Development Services Manager) prior to the meeting at 434-970-3182 or by email at edwardst@charlottesville.org

January Meeting Resources

Project Purpose

The study corridor is made up of 5th Street, Ridge Street, Ridge-McIntire Road, and McIntire Road, all of which serve commuter traffic, while providing access to residents and commercial interests. This corridor planning study will: investigate existing traffic conditions and consider what types of roadway improvements may be needed in the future as traffic continues to increase, assess existing and desired conditions for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users, and address safety issues.

The study effort will result in a list of short and long-term recommended projects that will help to minimize congestion and improve travel conditions and safety along this important corridor. This information is intended to aid the City with project prioritization and implementation when grant or other funding opportunities arise in the future.

5th Street
Ridge Street at West Main St.
McIntire Road

Website Overview

This website will provide information about the plan to the public.

The project study team will update this website monthly (approximately) with study information as it becomes available.  Updates made on this website will be listed here.  Information will include analysis results related to traffic congestion, safety, improvement concepts, and draft recommendations.  See the “submit feedback” section to offer input or commentary to the study team.

Study Area

The study area begins on 5th Street at Harris Road to the south and extends to McIntire Road at Harris Street to the north. The figure below provides an illustration of the study area as well as the intersections the study will examine.

5th Street Website Figure

The study area includes the following six (6) signalized intersections and five (5) unsignalized intersections:

• 5th Street and Harris Road (signalized)
• 5th Street and Cleveland Avenue
• 5th Street and Brookwood Drive
• 5th Street and Bailey Road
• 5th Street and unnamed apartment entry
• 5th Street and Old Ridge Road
• 5th Street, Ridge Street, Cherry Avenue, and Elliott Avenue (signalized)
• Ridge Street and Monticello Avenue (signalized)
• Ridge Street, Ridge-McIntire Road, West Main Street, South Street and Water Street (signalized)
• Ridge-McIntire Road, McIntire Road, Preston Avenue, and Market Street (signalized)
• McIntire Road and Harris Street (signalized)

Project Schedule

The study began in the fall 2017 and is expected to end in the summer 2018.  Any changes to the time frame will be reflected here. The study includes the following tasks:

• Collect and assemble data including traffic counts, crash data, historical traffic data, multimodal conditions
• Examine corridor safety and crash history
• Examine existing and future vehicular and multimodal conditions
• Hold two (2) community meetings
• Develop draft recommendations for future improvement alternatives
• Finalize recommendations for future improvements
• Provide guidance on funding and implementation

Public Feedback


Please provide any comments regarding concerns, opportunities, or ideas relative to existing conditions, or desired future conditions for the study corridor.